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International Seminars

A word about Joshis’ Seminars:

The doctors run video and Web Seminars for students in Canada, Germany, England, Japan, Belgium, Australia, and America. Their lectures are highly appreciated for their simplicity, enthusiasm and in-depth analysis.

Doctors Bhawisha and Shachindra Joshi ensure that their cases are scientifically recorded and reported. They are clear in imparting their information and make sure that none of what they teach is forgotten with the help of superb illustrations, lucid and self explanatory presentations , relevant movie / documentary clips.

Their Live case seminars are popular all over the world where the participants get a chance to see the dynamic duo in action. Bhawisha and Shachindra have such an dynamism in their work that cases & presentation show how intricately their work is synchronised. The duo does this by bringing alive their material through interplay and dialogue. It makes the interaction dynamic and memorable.

Their live-case seminars unique events where participants can witness the process of case-taking as it goes on in the clinic and learn by observation. A detailed, exhaustive discussion and analysis of the case follows. Every participant gets to put forth his/her views about the case and doubts and questions regarding the process.

The Theme for 2017 Seminars :
  • The Complete MAP of Materia Medica: Plotting Plants & Animals on the grid of the periodic table 

  • Stages of Human development.
  • Find the level of your case

  • Explore the vast plethora of small bird remedies

  • Helping difficult pathologies like cancers, pitutary adenomas,SLE

  • Explore the insect kingdom



2017 › Events of the year 2017
Jan 20 - 22, 2017

Mumbai, INDIA

Jan Scholten & Joshis' in a 3-Day seminar. Ekayan Seminar

  • Plants Remedies by Jan Scholten
  • Animal cases by the Joshis'

May 4 - 7, 2017

Hudson, New York, USA


  • Value of Levels in Case taking
  • Cancer cases
  • Insect, Birds, Mammals of Row 4
  • Little known birds
  • Sea Mammals of Row 5

Marina Braun: +1-914 378 5320
Sonam Kushner: +1- 646 486 1937

May 13, 2017



  • Healing sudden intense emotional traumas with deep constitutional remedies.
  • A quick peek into the Joshis' recent mineral plant and animal relationships to create a comprehensive and easy MAP of remedies.


May 19 - 21, 2017



Reptiles and birds of prey and their connection to plant and mineral resources of the 6th and 7th row

  • The small and large birds of prey and their connection to the 6th row, especially to the group of the lanthanides.
  • The snakes with representatives of the Elapidae, Boidae, Viperae and Pythonidae and their belonging to the 6th and 7th row.
    The Crocodiles and their assignment to Level 6.
  • The lizard-like types associated by the subjects of indecision and confusion of the 3rd column, but different series.

Contact :
Wyka Evelyn Feige:

May 26 - 28, 2017

Budapest, HUNGARY


The animal realm homeopathic eye
  • Understanding the MAP of Case taking & the Levels by Joshis
  • Connection between Animals & Minerals
  • Mammals and their behaviour
  • Helping pathological cases


Hungarian Medical Homeopathic Association 

June 3 - 4, 2016



MAP of case taking & finding the levels
  • Plant your way on the MAP – Joshis take on plant remedies based on clinical cases and recent MAP
  • How to incorporate plants on Joshis’ MAP of levels
  •  How to connect strength and weakness of a patient to be able to prescribe Mammal remedies

South West Homoeopathic Group, Exeter, Devon, England

June 10 - 11,2017



  • Cancers and auto immune diseases
  • Find the right level
  • Insects, birds , mammals in Row 4
  • Row 5 Mammals

Contact :

Sept.15-18, 2017

Montreal, CANADA


  • Noble Gases
  • Rodents, Mustilidae
  • Bovidae

Contact :
Ms. Tara Leigh :

Nov 5-7, 2017

Moscow, RUSSIA


To be announced
Contact :

Dr. Lourie Lubov :

Nov.10-12, 2017

Turin, ITALY


  • Cat remedies and proving of Panthera pardus
  • Spiders & insects
  • Remedies from our Kitchen

Contact :

Federico Audisio di Somma :