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Our Team

About our Team:

The Clinic adopts high standards in selecting doctors who join us. These doctors are trained and groomed to enhance their clinical and patient management skills. The clinic as well provides an ideal ground to harness their inner talent. While Dr. Joshis' travel for their seminars these doctors run the show perfectly attending to all needs of new clients & follow ups.

Dr. Priyanka Salvi:

Sr. Doctor

A M.D. from Aurangabad, Dr. Priyanka has been working at the clinic for the past 5 years. Dedicated, intelligent & hardworking are some of her important attributes. She has been inclareg of the clinic for the past 5 yrs. She is good clinician & ahs worked with the doctors in making of their book on Animal remedies. She is available at the clinic on Monday, Wednesday & Fridays between 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. She is incharge with connecting the clinic to various Homoeopathic colleges in India & spreading the good work.

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Junior Doctors

Dr. Zainab Kanorewala:

Dr. Zainab, has joined the clinic since April 2016 and is now the senior assitant doctor in charge of the clinic. Her skills as a clinican are excellent. She as well looks after the patient communictions and correspondences. She is incharge of designing and managing Dr. Joshis' online video courses for Homoeopaths.

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Dr. Jinal Shah:

A fresh graduate from Mumbai, Dr. Jinal has joined the clinic since February 2017. She is incharge of managing patients at the clinic and replying your querries.