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Free Webinars with the Joshis

Indian Tonic 2017: 7 Free Webinar sessions 

Watch our latest free webinar on simplifying prescriptions




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Free teaching just for the homoeopathic community 

Every session is aimed at sharing important insights into various aspects of Pattern Perceptions in Homoeopathy.


Number of  sessions:  7

Time:  8:30 am

Day: Sunday

Duration: 1:00 hr.

Recording: Online viewing for up to 2 weeks after the session from anywhere.

Video upload using 4G network for clear sound and video quality

Cost:  Nil for all homoeopaths all over the world

Topic for this Session :   

o   Joshis’ levels of human development to make case taking easy

o   Animal remedies in Row 3

o   Understanding bird remedies in Indian context

o   Sea remedies like Asterias rubens, Corallium rubrum, Medusa, as constitutional remedies

 o   How to take indepth case in a short time in Indian situations


Session Sunday
1 March 19
2 April 9
3 June 18
4 July 16
5 August 20
6 October 29
7 Will be updated soon

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Indian Tonic: 7 Free Webinar sessions